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Airpod ICO review / APOD token overview

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📣 Airpod ICO review / APOD token overview   📣

#1 What is Airpod ICO about?

Airpod is the name of a product developed by Airpod Technologies. And they use technology to transform travel and napping industries, ensuring that the travelers enjoy every bit of their travelling time.
What they’ve come up with is a special sleeping container dubbed AirPod Sleeping Pod that is basically a private “capsule style” unit designed to be installed in public spaces such as airports, hotels, railroad and bus stations, malls and office buildings. It might well prove an ideal solution for people who are seeking an area to relax, sleep, work, or have fun in privacy, while still in a public place. AirPod offers the opportunity to participate in an ICO, backed by a real business. The APOD utility token will be used in AirPods initially set to be distributed in airports worldwide. Over time AirPod distribution will expand to any public places where people are looking to take a rest.

#2 What market is Airpod about to enter?

The growing concept of a special environment surrounding airports is a major factor that has contributed to the growth of the market. Airport operators are planning to improve the passenger experience by providing value-added services, such as sleeping pods within the terminal building as an option to all segments of customers through cost-effective resting areas.
There are now around 6 billion air passengers taking flights annually and this number is expected to increase next year. 2% of that number has to deal with delays or canceled flights. But what’s more interesting is that according to a survey conducted by sleepinginairports.net, a staggering 90% of all passengers would pay for a private space in terminals or at least consider this option.
So there’s a lot of space for new startups in this particular market.

#3 All about the APOD token

Airpod Technologies has engaged a team of blockchain experts called Spartan Solutions who have developed a utility token APOD. It’s used to pay for a sleeping pod, which is pretty cool, because the token allows for hassle-free cross border payments.
With it you can also earn from profits generated by AirPod Units, so that after 400 napping units have been installed the token holders will be able to exchange APOD tokens for the right to participate in profit generated by an AirPod unit. The Phase is called Sponsorship Program and will be backed by a smart contract.
APOD is an ERC20 token, by the way, and Ethereum is accepted to purchase them along with one fiat currency – euro. 250 million tokens will be issued, and distribution begins immediately after the crowdsale.
The soft cap is equivalent to $2,700,000 and hard cap equivalent to $20,000,000.
At the moment 140 million tokens are being pre-sold for $0.1 per one APOD token, but most of the supply will be sold during the actual ICO. When does it start? Hasn’t been announced yet.

#4 Now what about Airpod Technologies MVP?

As you’ve certainly guessed, the main product is the Sleeping Pod that looks like this. We must say that that thing is really multifunctional and adjustable as it has a long list of features. Check them out.
  • Free access to Amazon Fire TV
  • Free High-speed Wi-Fi for all users,
  • Sound, visual and scent relaxing / anti-stress programs
  • Booking via internet, IOS and Android mobile application on the spot or in advance
  • Single control operating panel
  • Power sockets (USB/electricity)
  • Working desk
  • Luggage and personal belongings storage
  • Air Condition & HEPA filter (fresh air and constant temperature)
  • Alarm clock
  • Flight status information
  • Seat that can be transformed into a bed
  • Self-disinfection LED system
The prototype of the sleeping unit was presented in Q1 earlier this year. So you see that this team has a tangible and finished product from which it will generate profits. And by Q1 next year, they’ll have installed 100 units worldwide!
Perhaps one significant disadvantage to the unit would be its physical parameters that don’t allow its user to stand up right inside the capsule to stretch their legs, for example. Another point of concern is maintaining the units. Would you get into that unit with the knowledge that a dozen of other people have napped in there? In other words, hygiene is always important.
Other than that, there’s also a dedicated app designed to book and manage the sleeping units.

#5 Who is on the Airpod Technologies team?

The company is registered in the United Kingdom, but one thing that is instantly noticeable is that the team is mostly made up of Slovenian nationals.
The CEO of Airpod Technologies is Grega Mrgole, has a strong and successful history with various start-ups in the manufacturing, food service, leisure, and fitness industry. In 2004 Grega opened his first company, specialised in the EU distribution and sales of sports nutrition, fitness and wellness products.
The HEAD OF PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT is Robert Klun. He is running a family business Klun ambienti which is the leading company in the R&D segment of upholstered furniture design and interior design in Slovenia. Robert also works as an architect, designer, investor, and entrepreneur in the fields of real estate, urbanism, architecture, design and development projects across Europe.
Among the advisors we’d like to highlight two individuals who have previously helped to raise a total of $28 million with 5 ICOs – Cal Evans and Peter Trcek.

#6 Airpod ICO Community

There was an active bounty campaign running from March to April, during which over 4 million APOD tokens were distributed.
As a result, all their social media outlets are filled with updates, which is a true sign that the company is working hard to optimize their marketing strategy.
They can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, the Bitcointalk forum and Youtube. The latter is especially worth visiting, because they’ve put up a lot of visuals out there and the frequency of updates is amazing.

#7 What is in there for me?

What makes this product stand out is the combined functionality. Free access to Amazon Fire TV, Free high speed Wi-Fi, working desk, Luggage storage, Air condition, high-quality seat that can be easily transformed into bed and a world’s first Anti-stress technology – all that makes the unit quite innovative. Too many cool features to ignore it, we would say.
Furthermore, from an investor’s point of view, as the number of installed AirPods is expanding and more users are generated, the frequency of token buyback from the exchange and placing them back at a higher price will increase the price of the APOD token. Such growth based on expansion of the business seems quite plausible, so we’d definitely recommend you check out their business model yourself. And once you do, come back and tell us what you think in the comments section.
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So see you next week, and for now, we’re wishing you all the best!

Token: APOD
Platform: Etherium
ICO start: Oct 22, 2018
ICO goal: $20,000,000
Crowdsale gained: $14,000,000 (70% complete)
Registered Country: UK / Slovenia
Airpod Technologies LTD company founded: -

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