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Chinese Bitcoin billionaire Condemns NEO

The actors are a bunch of crooks and the audience is just plain fools. So is the proper description
of the blockchain industry according to Li Xiaolai, a Bitcoin billionaire and investor from China.

He didn’t intend it to go public, though, because it was a private dialogue secretly recorded and
then uploaded to YouTube as well as a number of Chinese social networking platforms. In the
audio Mr. Xiaolai slammed some of the country 39 biggest crypto start-ups as scams. His wrath
didn’t even spare NEO and Binance. He was constantly emphasizing his personal contribution to
the formation of such major projects like Qtum and Big.One.

Needless to say that a lot of folks have been infuriated, while others have just ignored Xiaolai’s
tirade as not constructive.

An Intriguing 33,000 Bitcoin were Moved Last Weekend


Remember just a few episodes back we reported a transaction of 48,000 bitcoin? We then
connected it with the expiry date of CME futures, and we assumed that address belonged to
someone shorting their contracts. Back then bitcoin dipped considerably, so their profits must
have been quite impressive.

We always try to keep an eye on transactions like that one. And yesterday another one came to
our attention. This time it amounted to over 33,000 bitcoin. It’s hard to tell why the owner
moved those funds all at once, but this event coincided with a sudden spike of the currency. The
price went up from $6,600 to $6,850. We’re still looking into the details and possible links to this
transaction, so if you have any idea, let us know in the comments section.

Facebook Takes Further Steps towards Researching Blockchain Technology

A recently established team within Facebook has now gotten a new head. Evan Cheng has been
working with Facebook as a senior engineer for three years, and has now taken a new position to
head the blockchain research group.

Since the team started last May, it was managed by the head of Facebook’s messaging app David
Marcus. He’s also a board member at Coinbase. Apparently he saw potential in the technology,
so he decided to employ Evan who has a great deal of expertise in programming.
After partially lifting the ban on cryptocurrency-related ads on its platform, do you think the
social networking giant is up to something big? And will we ever see a Facebook ICO?

A Crypto Project has Purchased a Flashy Domain for $2 million

Back in 1993, a cryptography researcher at the University of Pennsylvania Matt Blaze registered
a domain name that years later would become a very attractive place for a lot of commercial

Mr. Blaze has received many lucrative offers for his domain, but never as much as what the
company behind the Monaco token put on the table. We know this Switzerland-based enterprise
due to its partnership with Visa and its impeccable reputation. Although we haven’t received any
comments from the previous owner, we assume the offer was too tempting to turn it down.
The next step for Monaco is rebranding. It will soon be dubbed after the domaincrypto.com.
The token has seen a significant rise over the past week, ascending from $6.72 on July 2 to
around $9.10 at the moment.

Can You Put your Crypto Trading Journey in just three Words?

A prominent trader and crypto enthusiast Steve Burns came up with this challenge on Twitter
last week. And over 1,500 users have responded to the call to describe their most epic fails, so
the challenge has quickly gone viral. Here are just a few examples that we came across.

  • Alert Said Buy 
  • Never For Long 
  • Sold the Dip 
  • Followed Steve Burns
And just two days later the trader followed up on his therapy session and prompted his audience
to compile a Happy Trading Story. It didn’t get as trendy, however, which probably goes to show
that trading is a little bit short of successful players in these difficult times.
And now – what is your story?

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