Top-14 cryptonews of the week 30
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Top-14 cryptonews of the week 30..

Top-14 news of the week. Check out our rating. ...

Chinese Bitcoin billionaire Condemns NEO
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Chinese Bitcoin billionaire Condemns NEO..

The actors are a bunch of crooks and the audience is just plain fools. So is the proper description of the blockchain industry according to Li Xiaolai, a Bitcoin billionaire and investor from China....

Facebook has Reconsidered its Policy regarding all Things Crypto
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Facebook has Reconsidered its Policy regarding..

Facebook has Reconsidered its Policy regarding all Things CryptoFacebook is big on ads, right? Only one particular type was banished from its pages earlier thisyear. Too much scum behind crypto-related services. Well, fair enough.....


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ForksBitcoin Cash will be Hardforked Whether we Want it or not

Or so is the plan of a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts called BitPico. They want to seize control over...

28 Jun, 2018 0 338


ExchangesCoinbase Begins Taking Ethereum Classic Deposits, Raises Buy Limit to $25,000

Last week Ethereum Classic was listed on two of the most prominent cryptocurrency trading platforms...

14 Aug, 2018 0 159

ExchangesOKEX Launched Coinall Platform

Last Wednesday Okex launched a new platform called Coinall, a white label solution which is part of...

14 Aug, 2018 0 96

Regulations / ExchangesThe First Ever Bank-owned Crypto Exchange

Who remembers the tragic fate of Coincheck? It is a Japanese exchange that was hacked last January,...

28 Jul, 2018 0 357